About Us

Now in our 41st year, The Dry Sink on Main Street continues to offer distinctive gifts and merchandise, specializing in Gourmet Kitchenware. Those who enjoy finding the interesting and unusual, will delight in visiting The Dry Sink in Highlands, North Carolina.

Store Background:

The Dry Sink story began in 1972 when the Parishes opened the original store near Old Edwards Inn on “The Hill”. It was a modest but successful enterprise, and when the Hoveys purchased the store two years later, it continued its growth to the point where it was bursting at the seams. So, they packed up the merchandise and moved to nearby Village Square in 1976, converting the original store into “Elevation 4118”, a card shop. Finally, in 1980, The Dry Sink, merged with the card shop and came home to its present Main Street location. This current building has had it’s own colorful history, hosting many a traditional American enterprise including a hardware store, a drug store, and even a bowling alley!

The year 1994 was exciting for current owners, Alan and Kristina Mayer, as they moved from Atlanta to become full-time Highlands residents after selling a business, a house and two cars in under six months. In June of that year they took the helm of The Dry Sink and in August, their first son, Nicholas, was born! Then, in 1997, son Christopher arrived, and the family was complete!

Since 1994, the Mayers have expanded or remodeled The Dry Sink on three occasions, most recently building an addition that included a larger Kitchen/Cookware area, and, a freight elevator that would allow a faster distribution of merchandise onto the sales floor.

Today The Dry Sink offers a wide variety of merchandise, from kitchen cookware, gadgets and small appliances, to a huge selection of candles, glassware, bath & body items, and other gifts. The Hallmark card selection is extensive, as are the offerings of partyware and seasonal items. And, to make things easier, The Dry Sink offers full service packing and shipping, using UPS shipping services.

As it has been for the last quarter of a century, our goal at The Dry Sink is to provide goods of the highest quality at reasonable, competitive prices, and to offer the highest level of customer service.   Whether you are shopping online, or visiting our store in the mountains of North Carolina, we are committed to making The Dry Sink your personal shopping discovery!

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