Welcome to The Dry Sink.com

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Welcome to The Dry Sink!  We’re located on Main Street in Highlands, North Carolina, and have been in existence for 45 years!  Every year, more people “discover” Highlands as they meander through the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

We offer a wide variety of merchandise, from kitchen cookware, gadgets and small appliances, to a huge selection of candles, glassware, bath & body items, and other gifts. The Hallmark card selection is extensive, as are the offerings of partyware and seasonal items. And, to make things easier, The Dry Sink offers full service packing and shipping, using UPS shipping services.

As it has been for the last quarter of a century, our goal at The Dry Sink is to provide goods of the highest quality at reasonable, competitive prices, and to offer the highest level of customer service.  We are committed to making The Dry Sink your personal shopping discovery!